What's it all about?

My name is Desta Haille and this is Languages through Music.


For the past 15 years I’ve been a teacher in languages, theatre and intercultural communication, as well as being a musician. I've been lucky to travel a lot with different artists and to speak different languages. I’ve packed all of this personal and professional experience into Languages through Music. 


Why learn a language through music? 


  • its fun

  • you can make new friends

  • it can give you job opportunities that you wouldn’t have otherwise

  • it gives you a different appreciation for your own language

  • it gives you confidence – once you learn one language it gives you confidence to try others


If you’re learning Portuguese, you’re not just learning about Portugal – you’re learning about Brazil, Mozambique, Angola, Cape Verde. If you’re learning French, you’re not just learning about France – you’re learning about Belgium, Ivory Coast, Senegal. You’re travelling to all the places that speak the language you want to learn!


How does a class work? 


In each class you get a song. We learn about the artist, we learn about the style and we go through the song, line by line. 


You'll get to:

  • work on pronunciation

  • learn all the words

  • learn the story

  • learn what the song is talking about


Because there’s often a lot of repetition in music, it really sinks in.


Your job is to sing/speak along to it – slowly at first, until you’re so comfortable that you don’t even need to read it anymore.


After that, we pick out all the important vocabulary – words and grammar points.


With each song, you’ll get vocabulary and grammar in a “sonic package” that’s easy to remember, because it deals with emotions, stories, people. That’s what we remember! Not some random grammar book.


Thank you so much for watching the video. Please keep in touch on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter – whatever you like! I often offer free trial lessons as well.


The first online lessons will be Portuguese, French and Spanish. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to get in touch on social media or via email.


Thank you so much and I look forward to learning a language with you soon!


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